We Are SearchMax

we are searchmax

We Are SearchMax

SearchMax is a multidisciplinary digital marketing agency headquartered in Melbourne. We connect brands to customers by harnessing the power of data and technology in various industries such as healthcare digital marketing, real estate marketing, education marketing, eCommerce digital marketing and many more. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and success in digital strategy and paid advertising through various channels including Google advertising, social media marketing and Microsoft advertising formerly known as Bing. 

At SearchMax, we are all about working as a team to provide high-quality digital marketing services to our clients and having fun while we do it! Our workplace culture is focused on everyone having a healthy work-life balance. We have team training days, go out for lunch as a group (when COVID restrictions allow it), and our staff are able to work flexible hours so they can come to work refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

As no two days are the same, there is never a dull moment at SearchMax. While the majority of our clients are AU and NZ based, we service clients from all around the world. Some days we may have an 8 am call with one of our US-based clients discussing an upcoming sale. Others, we may have an end of the day meeting with a client in France discussing marketing for a new app they have launched. Our team comes into work excited because there is always something exciting and new to be worked on.


How did it all begin? 

SearchMax was established in 2013 as a humble mumpreneur business and has now grown into a highly technical digital marketing power-house. We are now operating across two countries. Our head office is located in Melbourne, and our technical team is located in Sri Lanka and we are looking to grow our operations in the USA. The business is co-owned by Hemi Herath and Chamil Perera.

Chamil Perera SearchMax

7 years on from our smaller scale beginnings, we are now located in HWT Towers in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, overlooking the magnificent Yarra River. 

In 2019 we moved our Colombo office to Colombo 3. It is nestled in the heart of the city, making it closer to transport, malls, cafes and restaurants. Our Sri Lankan headquarters has back up electricity, high-speed internet, and 24/7 security; providing everything our technical team needs to get the job done.

We are SearchMax

Why Was SearchMax formed?

Noticing a gap in the Australian market around experienced technical resources, we started our journey as a white-label agency, specialising in Adwords management services in Melbourne. Most medium-sized digital marketing agencies seemed to struggle to find and hang onto staff with high-quality technical abilities. Seeing that recruitment was becoming a headache for most small to medium-sized companies, we considered the timing to be perfect to offer our technical services to these businesses in need.

Our Team

We have 15+ Google ads certified team members and 6 who are Facebook Blueprint certified. For over 10 years our team on and offshore have been working with some of the biggest brands all over the world and connecting them to countless customers. 

Hemi Herath SearchMax
We are SearchMax

How are we different?

Our multidisciplinary digital marketing team has a solid base of expertise and is focused on providing technical talent to our clients. We are reliable and thrive on continually learning as a team to be an asset to both our business and our clients. We provide high-quality services to everyone we work with, completing tasks for our clients with the utmost care and passion. But don’t worry, we won’t throw a bunch of technical jargon and acronyms at you, we simplify the digital world for you while remaining transparent about our methods. 

We are SearchMax

Ready to take your business global with SearchMax? 

With years of experience and a number of industry qualifications, our highly skilled team can help you gain international exposure for your brand. Ready to make the next step towards achieving your business goals?

Contact us today and let’s have a chat about how we can help your business grow to its full potential.