Conduct is a human centred, design-led technology company. They are a team of designers, strategists, project managers and software engineers who come together to build things like custom web and mobile apps and Rapid Design & Validation and Systems Integrations. Everything they do is based on what would feel right for the user. They have a spectrum of clients spanning government, logistics, health, education, household brand names and the not-for-profit sector. 


The Challenge

Conduct partnered with SearchMax to develop a robust search advertising campaign which would deliver high-value enterprise grade leads at a sustainable pace and budget.


The market is saturated with many local and overseas providers catering to small and medium markets. Given the search terms used by small to medium as well as enterprise clients were very similar in nature, the need to break away from the clutter was a priority.


Our Approach

Our first task was to audit the campaigns and establish a robust search advertising strategy which could reduce wastage and attract enterprise level leads. 

Less is more : To ensure we were attracting high calibre leads, we focused on separating Conduct from others via strategically designed ad creative and advanced audience targeting methods. Choice of keywords, keyword match types and testing different messaging allowed us to see what resonated with enterprise clientele in delivering quality enquiries.



By taking a more meaningful approach to campaign segmentation, Conduct managed to increase the average ad positions and the share of voice without increasing the cost to aquire a click. Ads started showing more keywords that were used by “enterprise” grade B2B customers 

Through proactive campaign management and optimisation we managed to double the click-through-rates. Overall conversions increased by 130% while the average cost to secure a conversion decreased 

Overall conversions increased by 130% while the average cost-per-conversion has decreased by 16%. 

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