Lifecare is an allied healthcare provider with over 30 clinics throughout Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Lifecare provide a holistic approach to physical health, ranging from physiotherapy and sports medicine to podiatry and dietetics. Their services work through the body’s full range of motion, so they can guide each step of the patients’ journey towards an active and pain-free lifestyle. 


The Challenge

The initial goal for Lifecare was to increase appointment bookings via paid search ads. Conversion tracking issues were prevalent as bookings were handled within a third-party booking platform which limited visibility into converted clicks. Therefore, understanding the relationship between paid search advertising and online appointment bookings was based on gut, hypothesis and general click volumes. Even gaining a significant volume of clicks to the website was a challenge as a high average cost-per-click was limiting the number of clicks per day. 


Our Approach

Our first task was to restructure the Google Ads account, creating an environment where we had more control over cost-per-click. Knowing that people are likely to be looking for Lifecare’s services relative to their location, a local area marketing approach was taken. We structured the account according to the services offered and surrounding suburbs of each location. This meant we could focus on being visible to people searching for “physio near me” and other intent-based searches.

Every measure to reduce the cost-per-click was taken – from using unconventional keyword targeting, to optimising the ad scheduling according when there was less competition, yet equal chance of earning clicks.

By guiding the client through cross-domain tracking implementation we were able to create the click to lead visibility. Deeper insights have allowed us to optimise the paid search advertising approach based on conversions.



Our expertise in PPC management meant we able to confidently challenge the conventional paid search approaches to deliver the best year-on-year and month-on-month growth Lifecare have seen.

Between 2018 and 2019, year-on-year, new appointment bookings have increased by 9%. We reduced the average cost-per-click by almost 50% which in return resulted in almost doubling the web traffic from paid search ads.

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