Some of The Platforms We Analyse


Many websites aren’t using Google Analytics properly to track user behaviour. We go through your set up with a fine-tooth comb while drawing insights to see where untapped opportunities lie.


Taking a deep dive into your SEM performance is our guilty pleasure. We assess where spend could be optimised and where the strategy is falling short in terms of driving performance outcomes.

Search Engine

There are many reasons websites fall short with regards to driving organic traffic. We analyse on and off page performance to see how SEO is feeding into your digital marketing mix.


Clicks, Likes, Comments but not converting? We assess how people are engaging with you across Facebook and make recommendations as to how your social presence could be better optimised towards driving conversions.


Ensure the time you put into managing your Instagram is paying off. We analyse how Instagram is influencing online behaviour and where there are opportunities to improve your social presence and engagement.


Building rapport on LinkedIn isn’t hard and fast. From checking your company page audience is a good fit to suggesting ways you can engage stakeholder networks we assess your LinkedIn presence and engagement.

What can you expect from a digital marketing audit?

With fresh eyes and a good understanding of what you want to achieve online, we gain access to your digital platforms and begin to analyse where you’re going right and where things may be going wrong.

Here’s how we can help you with our effective Digital Marketing Audit Strategy

Our first step is to do a data round up. We’re looking at whether your accounts have been setup to collate data and beyond that, whether your accounts are connected to your website and all the web data being collated is a true and accurate picture of online behaviour.

Next, we analyse the data. Assessing how people are engaging with you online, the multiple touch points, profiles of customers, trends rising, and ways to build better online experiences.

Finally, we audit individual online assets and how they are performing. We’re talking deep dives into ad accounts to understand if best practices are in play, consolidated research into the SEO activity on your site, smart use of automations and insights between online channels.

Based on our findings we pull together an audit report and put forward our recommendations. From there we can work with you or your digital marketing agency to implement optimisations and revitalise your online presence.

If you have been wondering whether your digital marketing is performing at its maximum or have been troubleshooting some issues and haven’t solved them or maybe you’re wanting to do more but not sure where to start – give us a shout. Let’s get a good picture of what’s going on and how we can make your digital marketing presence work harder.

Audits By Google Certified Strategists

In this modern age, your online presence and strategy may be the single most important factor in assuring that you achieve your business goals and grow your business.

A digital marketing strategy is not a one-off thing which you can do and then forget about, but a continuous effort that, when done right, can reap rewards in leaps and bounds. That is why it is important that you partner with a well experienced and professional, multidisciplinary Digital

Marketing expert, who is also a skilled professional in conducting effective digital marketing audits in Melbourne.

Why Should You Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit?

Have you been noticing that your digital marketing efforts are yielding only humdrum and dull results, and are facing one or more of the following concerns? Then it is definitely time to conduct a Digital Marketing Audit.

  • There is no lead generation through your current efforts.
  •  There is no achieving of sales goals and you notice a significant drop in sales revenue.
  • There is a considerable decrease in web traffic.
  • There is a lack of engagement on social media platforms and it looks like you need to build up your presence on social media
  • You are having plans to scale up and you need a definite strategy to support it.


As one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies around conducting digital marketing audits in Melbourne, we can help you to identify where your weaknesses lie and where there are new opportunities for business growth, with our extensively experienced team of professionals.

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