Digital Marketing Strategy

Current Situation

To start, we do an audit of your current situation and how it is or isn’t optimised to meet your business goals. We also consider your competitive playing field and the volume of demand for your product or service.


Next, we investigate who your audiences are, their size and your ability to reach them. We factor in things like user journeys, multiple touchpoint conversions and which marketing channels are helpful.


The final part of our strategy is to create realistic forecasts for what is possible and how it would come together. We identify the tracking and measures required and establish monthly performance KPIs.

What can you expect from a digital marketing strategy?

We see digital marketing strategy as a solution. We ask what success looks like for your business. We consider what metrics you need to reach these goals. Then we align our strategy to bridge the gap.

As a reputable digital marketing agency in Australia, it’s not about being across every channel. It’s about what will deliver results. What do we need and how can we optimise the performance?

Most importantly, we don’t set a strategy and leave you on your own to deliver it. Designing a digital marketing strategy is the first step in working with us.

Because we live and breathe digital, we’re also able to adapt the strategy when new products and features become available. In this digital age, digital marketing strategy is fluid, it’s far from set and forget. Being in tune with your business and united in what we are trying to achieve, we can build upon your digital marketing strategy giving you the confidence that when it comes to marketing yourself online, you’re doing everything possible to reap rewards.

Why is Digital Marketing Strategy Important?

A digital marketing strategy is extremely important for any business to make sure that they’re staying on track and not spending money on digital channels that do not work for them. By creating a digital marketing strategy, you can identify and assess the best way to get your channel in front of a larger and more relevant audience. 

Having a detailed digital marketing approach across a number of channels that work best for your business ensures you can focus on the needs, interests, and pain points of your audience and find out how to use this information to achieve your marketing goals.

Why is Situation Analysis Important For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Situation analysis in digital marketing is when you take some time to evaluate your current marketing situation and use that information to figure out where your digital marketing strategy can be improved. The process of situational analysis will require you to use analytics to gain information about opportunities and challenges to your business. You can also compare data from your website with that of your competitors in order to compare and see what you could be doing better. Situation analysis is important in your digital marketing strategy as it critically evaluates anything that affects your business to meet your goals.

What are the Components of Situation Analysis?

In a situation analysis, there are four main components of your company that you need to analyse in order to understand how to better your business. These components are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A situation analysis will look at the weaknesses and threats to your business and see what kind of an impact they may be having on your business goals. Similarly, it will also analyse your strengths and opportunities and identify strategies that you can use to increase your strengths and continue to improve on them. These audits will help you create an effective digital marketing strategy in any competitive vertical. 

What is the Ultimate Goal of Marketing Strategy?

The main goals of any digital marketing strategy are to raise brand awareness and generate high-quality leads or transactions for your business. With an effective marketing strategy, you can identify the characteristics of your potential audience and use this information to better your approach to your digital marketing campaigns. Above all, the main goal of a marketing strategy is to focus your efforts on what’s important to your business, as it will be different for each company. What achievements do you want to see for your brand and what steps do you need to work on in order to achieve this? Focus on what works best for you and do so in a way that saves money and avoids wasting resources.

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