Get Exposure For Your B2B Audience With LinkedIn Advertising

As a LinkedIn advertising agency in Melbourne, we have the expertise needed to take your B2B LinkedIn advertising campaign to the next level. Whether you want to focus on awareness, consideration, or conversion, we’ve got you covered.


Increase your brand awareness with impression-based campaigns made by professionals for professionals.


Whether you want to increase website traffic, engagement on your company page, or video views; our team of social media marketing experts will help you drive outcomes you’re looking for to your page.


Push valuable actions onto your website, get leads, and even promote job opportunities at your company through conversion ads.

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Work With a LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Melbourne

SearchMax has more than a decade of experience as a B2B LinkedIn advertising agency in Melbourne, servicing companies in Australia and New Zealand. With around 690 million members on LinkedIn, it is the perfect platform to reach a wide audience of professionals.

Our team understands the number of ways you can advertise your brand through LinkedIn. Whether it’s Conversation ads, message ads, video ads, text ads, dynamic ads, and carousel ads; you know you are in the right place no matter what your advertising goals. Work with a LinkedIn advertising agency in Melbourne and drive leads from the world’s most viewed professional news feed to your audience while they’re in a professional mindset.

LinkedIn advertising can help you to captivate your B2B audience, drive high-quality leads, build and sustain brand awareness.

Our team is with you every step of the way, we sit down with you and figure out which ad types are best suited to your business objectives and create campaigns that complement these goals. We closely monitor your campaign progress on a daily and weekly basis, providing detailed reports to remain transparent on our process and ensure you are always in the loop. This way you know and understand exactly where your money is being spent and what results you are getting for your investment into working with a LinkedIn agency in Melbourne.

How Effective is Linkedin For B2B Marketing?

LinkedIn is the first stop you should make on your digital marketing journey if you are focusing on B2B marketing. Created specifically for business networking, marketing your brand on LinkedIn attracts qualified and high-value leads. Our digital marketing experts can utilise this social network for B2B marketing and create a highly effective strategy that will assist your business in reaching goals.

Why a Linkedin Marketing Strategy is Important For B2B?

Including LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy means that you will be showing up for professionals that are looking for brands like yours to connect with when they are in a business state of mind. Direct those to your site who are more likely to get the most from your services and products while networking with other professionals with a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Captivate a B2B audience by amplifying your advertising strategies and benefit your business with a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Will LinkedIn Ads Work For My Brand?

A large number of B2B businesses are including LinkedIn advertising in their digital marketing strategy to get ahead of their competitors with high-quality leads. Our team at SearchMax is experienced in creating digital strategies on LinkedIn that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Our Linkedin Advertising agency in Melbourne understands that different companies will require different strategies depending on their size and goals. We have helped clients maximise their potential with LinkedIn Ads for a variety of industries.

Plan Your 2021 Social Strategy and Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Our social advertising campaigns are built from years of experience in the industry, so if you are not sure where to start your LinkedIn advertising journey, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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