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Our team will create unique landing pages to suit your business and attract your ideal audience. While focusing on layouts that increase engagement and conversions, we create personalised post-click landing pages that match the tone and message of your ads, keeping everything consistent for your potential customers.

HigherConversion Rates

We help you to optimise your post-click landing pages for higher conversions with personalisation, A/B testing and detailed heatmaps. Stay relevant with keywords and page layouts that’ll attract your ideal audience. Post click optimised pages help you turn more ad clicks into conversions while maximising your ROI.

AB Testing

Optimise conversion rates and improve campaign results using A/B testing. We A/B test different elements on the landing page to gather insights to aid in optimisation. Our expert digital marketing strategists will ensure to optimise the landing pages based on A/B test insights to make a positive difference in conversion rates.

paringa post click optimisation case study

Paringa at Austral

By Impressive Property Sales

Impressive Property Sales partnered with SearchMax to create a powerful digital marketing strategy to promote their newest development project, Paringa at Austral. Despite a number of aggressive competitors in the market, the main challenge for SearchMax was to generate 30 leads per month with a lower cost per lead from both Search and Social ad campaigns. 

SearchMax is an Australian digital marketing agency that created a high-impact Search and Social ad campaign along with a post-click optimised landing page to maximise conversions. The post-click landing page was personalised to match its ad’s targeting, keywords, and buying intent to result in better campaign performance. Mobile was a critical piece of Paringa at Austral’s digital marketing strategy, therefore the team built a mobile-responsive landing page. By creating a powerful and results-driven post-click optimised landing page, we managed to secure leads from day one. The post-click optimised landing page was A/B tested with the standard website, where the post-click landing page converted at a significant rate of 12% and the normal website converted at only 2%. 

pirnga post click optimisation case study stats
zion post click optimisation case study stats
zion post click optimisation case study

Zion Fresh

Zion Fresh is the new arm of business of Zion Group, which specialises in temperature-controlled home deliveries throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. This new part of the business was launched during the pandemic to spread the accessibility of refrigerated goods into the hands of those who needed it the most. The main challenge of SearchMax was to create a performance-driven digital marketing strategy within such a short time frame during the outbreak of COVID-19 and with a limited budget allocation. 

Our strategy mainly focused on ways to attract small businesses such as butchers, farmers, bakers, and florists through a customised landing page. The team built a post-click optimised landing page with a tried and tested layout which enhanced the likelihood of clicks to convert into leads. The content, as well as all the elements on the landing page, was seamlessly tied to our ad campaigns making it more relevant for the users to take actions immediately. Conversions were tracked at each point, including landing page call conversions to measure its performance. The post-click optimised landing page converted at a rate of 10% and Zion Fresh was able to secure 80% of their lead target within the first 2 weeks. 

zion post click optimisation case study

Zion Fresh

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zion post click optimisation case study stats

What is Post Click Optimisation?

Post-click optimisation is the process that ensures that potential customers who click on your ad are directed to a landing page that matches the message of the ad, enhancing the likelihood of the click resulting in conversions. Our skilled team are able to create, optimise and personalise the post-click landing page to motivate users to interact with your brand.

What is a Post Click Landing Page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone page separate from your website that is optimised to encourage visitors to perform a desired action, whether it be purchasing a product or enquiring about a service. The post-click landing page acts as an extension of the ad that has been clicked on, letting the visitor know that they have landed on the right page and that any further actions they wish to take are only a simple click away. When optimised successfully, post-click landing pages can effectively work in your favour to generate leads and sales.

Why Does Post Click Optimised Landing Pages Convert Better Than Web Pages?

When it comes to increasing conversions, a post-click optimised landing is always going to deliver more than your standard web page. This is due to linking your marketing campaign ads to a targeted landing page that directs potential customers to exactly where they want to go. This approach increases the chances of visitors to the landing page fulfilling your conversion goal instead of leaving the page due to potential confusion from multiple messages. Keeping your post-click optimised landing pages personalised and to the point is the best way to see a higher ROI.

Why Should You A/B test a Post Click Optimised Landing Page?

Conducting A/B testing on your landing pages allows you to gather all kinds of data that can be used to better optimise your pages. Performance metrics, unique visitors, unique conversions, and conversion rate can all be tracked through A/B testing. To get the most out of A/B testing, decide on what elements you want to test on your landing pages and use this knowledge to your advantage to optimise your page layout and increase conversions.

How Effective is Post Click Optimisation For Your Ad Campaigns?

Optimising the post-click experience for your visitors can effectively drive higher conversion rates for your business. By testing and personalising post-click optimised pages you will see an increase in both new and returning visitors. Providing each visitor with a personalised post-click optimised landing page that matches the ad message they first clicked on ensures that their needs are met and they are more likely to proceed with the next steps, resulting in a conversion.

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