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At SearchMax, we bring food and beverage brands to life. Our hospitality & restaurant digital marketing agency offers an array of services to help your establishment foster a sense of destination – whether you’re the proud proprietor of a charming cafe or head-up operations for a major franchise chain across Australia.

Having worked with a number of restaurants, we’ve perfected our restaurant marketing skills. We are happy to share our secret recipe for successful digital marketing. 

With our experienced team collaborating with various restaurants, we can proudly proclaim to have crafted the ideal recipe for restaurant marketing success. We are delighted to impart our knowledge and experience to benefit others.

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Digital Marketing Recipe for Restaurants

Consistency is difficult, especially when there are single to multiple site locations. Effective hospitality and restaurant management strategies require brand consistency. Get the most out of your brand by creating a consistent experience across all local and global channels. 

We believe that restaurant advertising should be strategically bold, daring, and emotionally charged. The strength of a brand relationship is bolstered when it dares to go against the norm with real purpose. Having a profound connection to something drives action.

Creating omnichannel restaurant advertising and marketing campaigns that disrupt and propel brands forward is at the heart of every marketing initiative created by SearchMax.

Whether you are an independent take-out, from full-service to fast food, food trucks to fine dining, SearchMax helps businesses create memorable experiences by telling their brand’s story to build long-term relationships with hungry consumers.

The Ingredients to Get More Bums on Seats

SEO & Local SEO

Drive new customers to your website by increasing your visibility and ranking on search engines. We think locally, too, including local terms and locations to help us target local customers searching for a dish your restaurant serves.

Digital Advertising

Our team will set up and manage your PPC ads to ensure you utilise your marketing budget to its full potential. Boost your restaurant’s sales with Google and social media ads.

Content Creation and Copywriting

We provide full-service content creation. When it comes to marketing food and beverages, content is truly king. Our strategy revolves around storytelling; we curate organic and savoury content that emotionally connects your business with your audience.

Social Media Management

Restaurants use social media extensively to market their businesses. We help you create eye-catching, mouthwatering, delicious content. Boost your brand, publish content, and build your audience with us.

Web Design and Development

Give them a taste of your restaurant before they even step in. By using functional digital ingredients, we create mouthwatering websites that satisfy the appetites of your clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing complements other marketing channels. When done right, marketing emails turn one-time customers into loyal, raving fans. Restaurants need to use this medium to its full advantage and use it to give customers a reason to return.

Strategic Planning and Marketing

Turn prospects into customers. Plan, Personalise, 
and Optimise the Customer Experience

How Does Our Restaurant Digital Marketing Process Work?

Discovery Call

Digital Marketing Audit and Proposal

Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation


Driving Quality Traffic Through Digital Marketing

Our team of experts will help you develop a customised strategy that works for your business goals and budget. We also offer complete campaign management services so you can focus on running your business while we handle everything else.

As a restaurant digital marketing agency, we are a passionate team of foodies hungry to see your business flourish. We focus on sustainable growth rather than short-term wins. Client relationships should be nurtured long-term, which is why we offer our services as a turnkey solution – from strategy through delivery.

With decades of experience and modern marketing techniques, we craft solutions focused on sustainable growth over short-term wins through trusted partners such as Open Table and Condo. We measure the success of our campaigns down to the keyword level.

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