Modern Medical operates several practices throughout the Melbourne metropolitan. With the aims of improving individual health and wellbeing, they provide GP services and medical care to people in the local area. Their patients can be anyone from families with young children, to travellers, to students, to young couples, to elderly citizens within ailing health issues. Generally, the people attending the clinics live or work nearby.


The Challenge

Modern Medical wanted to achieve an increase in appointment bookings, particularly new patient bookings at a competitive average cost-per-booking. Each practice was to achieve growing month-on-month targets for new bookings acquired via paid advertising.

When SearchMax took over the campaign management, the year on year new patient bookings were low. Newly opened GP clinics and aggregators were driving the cost per acquisition up. 


Our Approach

We started off with an account level audit to understand current setup, conversion points, issues and opportunities. Next we worked closely with the Modern Medical’s internal marketing team to define goals and KPIs for each clinic. We looked at clinic opening hours, practitioner availability, demand and local competition.

We then developed geo-targeted and intent based search campaigns where patients could be directed to a relevant services pages with less clicks between landing and booking an appointment.

Historical data showed that patients age 45 – 65 had a higher tendency to make phone appointments. Therefore, clinics which were known to receive more phone calls had mobile click to call campaigns activated.

The use of Google AI (machine learning) to auto-optimise campaigns further enhanced performance. While additional insights into click behaviour allowed us to maximise opportunities when they were there and pull back when they weren’t.



With a very hands-on approach to campaign management, we began seeing the desired results within a 3-month timeframe. Comparing July-October 2018 against July-October 2019, the appointment bookings increased by 21% while average cost-per-click reduced by 54%. 

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