Luxury cashmere brand Mia Fratino hires SearchMax as their eCommerce Agency

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Luxury cashmere brand Mia Fratino hires SearchMax as their eCommerce Agency

Mia Fratino is a luxury cashmere Australian brand that focuses on sustainability and slow fashion.

Spring Summer 2021 launches their new Resort Collection; comprising of transeasonal knits in vibrant colours and complimentary neutrals, made from a luxurious and lightweight blend of silk, cotton and cashmere.

Conscious consumption, ethical production and awareness of a garment’s full life-cycle is fundamental to the company’s core ethos. Mia Fratino use only premium grade cashmere, sustainably sourced from Inner Mongolia. Precision craftsmanship ensures proper care is put into each garment, resulting in knitwear you can wear for years to come.

SearchMax is excited to be working with Mia Fratino. We will be working on better Search, Shopping & Social media marketing campaigns to boost eCommerce revenue.

The slow fashion movement is a pushback against the fast fashion brands that have dominated Australian wardrobes for the last decade. Consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impact that fast fashion has and its exploitative business model. Slow fashion is a rebellion against excessive production and mindless consumption of clothing. Mia Fratino’s garments are designed to be purchased in a considered, sustainable manner, and not to end up in landfill. Mia Fratino encourage repair and repurposing over repurchasing.

Creative Director Amy Jones says brands need to set a high standard for their customers and make the switch to more ethically-positioned alternatives. “We’ve found our customers are opening their eyes to the importance of where and how their clothes are made. Consumers are looking for an alternative to cheap, fast fashion and are seeking truly ethical origins as a driving factor in purchasing decisions,” says Jones.

In choosing not to use any synthetic fibres or blends, Mia Fratino knitwear is 100% biodegradable. You’re not contributing to unnecessary landfill when buying one of their knits. With a moto of ‘buy less, choose well’. Mia Fratino products are designed to last for as long as you look after them.

“We admire Mia Fratino’s commitment to our planet and revitalizing the fashion industry. We started the journey with an e-commerce channel audit and a comprehensive strategy. We’re thrilled to be their go-to eCommerce digital marketing agency and very excited to be promoting the first-ever Spring Summer Resort collection” – Hemi Herath, Performance Director – SearchMax