Hair and Beauty Digital Marketing

Revitalise your hair, nail, or beauty salon and increase new bookings. At SearchMax, we help your salon by designing digital marketing strategies, using social media, targeted ads, and SEO approaches that are tailor-fitted to your business goals. We manage the technical side of things to boost your salon so that you don’t have to spend your day worrying about metrics.

Brand Experience

Brand Experience

Increase Salon Bookings with Google

The first thing most people will do when looking for a beauty service is jump on Google. As a Google Premier Partner agency in 2023, we can help you get your salon to the top of the results page by creating targeted ads that will capture those ready-to-book moments.

We can give your business a makeover by using local SEO strategies. By making use of keyword searches, we help to make you more visible on search engines for people in your local area. This way, we can maximise the likelihood of bookings and make the most out of your ad budget.

Increase your Salon’s Visibility with Social Media Ads

Maximise brand awareness on social media platforms with customised ad messaging towards different age groups and demographics. We help you gain visibility on Facebook and/or Instagram, performing tests and optimisations to keep up with the constantly changing beauty world.

Get People Talking About Your Salon with Content Marketing

We all know that the secret to beauty is in personality. Show off your salon’s unique charm with organic blog articles and social media posts. Our creative team can help you style your business, manage a content marketing strategy, and create the graphics or articles you need.

Why use an agency to manage your salon’s digital marketing

Even if you know that marketing your business online is important, running a brick and mortar establishment like a salon or clinic doesn’t leave you with much time to worry about algorithms and metrics.

We’re experts. We know what works, how to rejuvenate old, tired campaigns and how to generate results efficiently. We specialise in simplifying solutions to ensure that your business experiences long-lasting and sustainable outcomes. Our experience in working with businesses of all sizes also means that we know how to make the most out of your digital marketing budget, getting you VIP results that won’t break the bank.

Our team will perform an initial audit and design for you end-to-end solutions, meaning we won’t leave you hanging if an issue crops up. We’ll be on hand to troubleshoot any SEO weaknesses and demystify the algorithms for you, being completely transparent every step of the way.

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