Christ Church Grammar School is a leading independent school in Melbourne CBC offering coeducation for children 3 – 12 years old. 


The Challenge

Christ Church Grammar, had a school Open Day taking place on 5 September 2019. The goal was to secure online registrations for the Open Day within a short burst campaign. With a set target in sight, budget allocated, it was a race to get the campaigns performing to a level which would see success come the Open Day deadline.


Our Approach

A high impact local area search marketing campaign targeting parents with children age 3 -5 was run in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Because the goal was to secure as many qualified Open Day bookings as possible within the short window of time, we took an ‘Always On’ approach to Search Advertising. 

Research shows that schools tend to be selected based on reputation, location and proximity. Therefore, we used a Local Area Marketing strategy to target parents who were within a 5-10 km radius of the school.

Google Search campaigns were proactively managed with aggressive bidding and quick adaptations based on data insights. 

As the campaign deadline approached, we ramped up remarketing targeting parents who had visited the website but not yet registered for the Open Day. With enough cookies in the pool, we were able to promptly remind people the Open Day was coming and it was time to book a place.



The short burst paid ad campaigns secured a 80% market share and a competitive click through rate of 5.38%. Year on year, the event attracted 20% more Open Day bookings. With clear skies and a room full of eager parents the CCGS registrar received 53 enrolment requests on the day.

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