Are you using a third-party booking platform like Nookal or Health Engine? We can link your advertising dollars with new patient bookings.

It’s important to know how much ad spend actually resulted in appointments. Our specialty is working with these platforms to understand which clicks lead to bookings. We’re also able to relate our data back to phone calls placed from online ads. Closing the loop on how you’re attracting patients, and how to optimise that performance is within reach. Just look at what we achieved for Modern Medical, Cityskin and Lifecare.

We understand the challenges of digital marketing within the healthcare industry. From aggressive aggregators, to avoiding regulatory red tape, we’re able to navigate the industry ins and outs to drive exceptional outcomes.

Whether it’s ramping up your website SEO, creating Google My Business locations for each clinic or using highly effective Google campaigns, as a multidisciplinary digital marketing agency we can do it all. But our strength is in simplifying the digital world to focus on what will deliver outcomes. We rally behind you, providing the support you need to build your business. And we’re very transparent about what we do and how we do it.

Working with us should feel like a warm hug when you’re sick. Or a high five once you’re feeling better.

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